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Transport to Oslo Vinterpark

Oslo Vinterpark is located only 20 minutes from central Oslo.

Parking and public transport are available at both entry points to the resort.There are two ways of getting to the resort, by the Tryvann Tower on top of Holmenkollen or by Wyller and Sørkedalen.

Oslo Vinterpark's top center is located by the Tryvann Tower on top of Holmenkollen. Adress: Tryvannsveien 64

In order to get to Wyller, you go by way of Sørkedalen, a short distance from Bogstad camp grounds. Adress: Zinoberveien

You can choose to travel by tram/subway, bus or car.

Oslo Winterpark, Tryvann
The top center can be reached via the subway line #1 towards Frognersetern. Exit the subway at the voksenkollen stop and follow the signs. It is a short walk or you can take a shuttle bus which is often waiting at the subway stop.
Tryvann is the only enterance where you can rent skies and other equipment. 

Oslo Winterpark, Wyller
The Wyller entrance can also be accessed via public transport. Take the #2 subway from downtown to Røa. From Røa take the 41 bus directly to Wyller. This bus stops at the resort. Note that Wyller is for advanced skiers (black and red slopes), but you can use the skilift to get over to green and blue slopes at Tryvann.

For information on the tram schedule, follow this link.

Think environmentally and use collective transportation when you can - You avoid parking trouble at the resort as well!