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Terrainparks in Oslo Vinterpark

Guaranteed fun in the park!

Welcome to guaranteed fun in Oslo Vinterpark’s ski and snowboardparks. Our goal with this winter’s parks is to build up imaginative routes where peoples of all ages and abilities, from beginners to professionals, can play and ride with a big smile on their faces! Our parks have elements at every level from total beginner to extremely advanced options.

We have a ‘blue’ park with easier elements, jumps, and rails, suitable for those with little or no experience, or for practising your tricks a little more before trying them in the ‘red’ park. The ‘red’ park is a little harder, suitable for intermediate and experienced users. The ‘red’ park is made up of various elements such as big jumps and rails. To totally max out the black Slopestyle route Tyr, with challenging jumps and long rails, is for you. Many of the rails were used for the Snowboard World Championship 2012. We put a very high priority on safety, and it is extremely important that all riders in the park have read and understood the safety rules. Riders who break the safety regulations can be expelled from the area.

Whether you like the ‘blue’ or the ‘red’ park best, here there is always lots of fun to be had!

This season there will be about 30 rails, jumps, and other elements, and a halfpipe.
Halfpipe in Hyttli: 4,2m high, 15° gradient, and 100 meters long.